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May 2008 ~ Issue One of BooksMonthly ~ Return to the Cover page



A brief note about archives: This is the first real issue of BOOKS MONTHLY, and my intention is that it will be archived and available to read as a back issue, possibly as a PDF.  So, on June 1st this issue of BOOKS MONTHLY will be superseded by Issue 3, and there will be a link to Issue 2.


The archives contain a huge variety of short and serialised stories, stories by me, including the complete serialised HERAKIAN CHRONICLES, and a long list of feature articles, including many author interviews, loads about comics, characters from much-loved books, author profiles, and much more. I am in the process of overhauling the archives, some of the stories have menus that no longer apply, so please bear with me, this will take a while. In the meantime, I have converted some of the stories in the archives to PDFs and there are more to come, so keep checking this page! In the meantime, the complete archives can be found on the Gateway Monthly site at the following locations:


General archive:


Features archive:



Books Monthly is published by Paul Edmund Norman on the first day of each month. Hosting is by  For Advertising rates in Books Monthly please contact me at Should you be kind enough to want to send me books to review, please contact me by e-mail and I will gladly forward you my  address. Meanwhile, here's how to contact me:


Submitting stories for publication in Books Monthly: Basically, all you need do is e-mail it along and I'll consider it - it can be any length, if it's very long I'll serialise it, if it's medium-length I'll put it in as a novella, if it's a short story or a feature article it will go in as it comes. Payment is zero, I'm afraid, as I don't make any money from Books Monthly, I do it all for fun!