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If you were lucky, and you're a dad, you might have received a copy of this fantastic book on Father's Day! Neil Oliver, the historian from the smash BBC series COAST, retells the stories that inspired us to be better men during the last century. He laments... more

Amanda Greenslade is a fantasy writer, like me (except she's young enough to be my granddaughter, and therefore has time on her side!). Her ASTOR CHRONICLES look fantastic, and I hope it won't be long before she finds a publisher. In the meantime, there's an interview with Amanda in this issue, together with information on TALON, the first book in the series.

KELLEY ARMSTRONG's latest book, THE SUMMONING, is so good I had to give it joint book of the month in the fantasy section; Kelley never lets you down, and this is a terrific read, chilling and entertaining at the same time - don't miss it!

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Last weekend the fourth INDIANA JONES movie smashed box office records with takings estimated to be in excess of £148m - there are lots more great new Indy books reviewed in this issue, see the Feature Articles and Stories menu above

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JEFF HAWKE: THE AMBASSADORS ~ Widely considered as one of the most important sci-fi comic strips ever published, "Jeff Hawke" is a benchmark in intelligent, adult-oriented storytelling!Jeff Hawke's not your average space-hero; focused on reasoning, diplomacy and moral virtues instead of brute force, he is frequently forced to be the ambassador - rather than the saviour - of mankind! His universe is populated with alien species that meet humankind by accident or for commerce, but hardly ever for invasion.Patterson's subtle wit makes the strip's plots and characters as fascinating as they are amusing, and Jordan's highly expressive style fully captures the strangeness of the weird and wonderful aliens of Jeff's universe!

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INDIANA JONES OMNIBUS VOL. 2 ~ Excitement and danger follow Dr. Henry Jones Jr. around the globe in this collection of classic, long out-of-print stories! From Greece to Germany, the South Pacific to the seas of the Vikings, his race against the Nazis to recover artifacts like the Golden Fleece, the Philosopher's Stone, or the Spear of Destiny will run him afoul of legendary monsters, ancient cults, and armies of the undead! Undeniably thrilling, these are the stories that defined the meaning of adventure!



DEAN KOONTZ: IN ODD WE TRUST ~ The first graphic novel from Dean Koontz, featuring the famously well-loved character of Odd Thomas. Nineteen-year-old Odd Thomas, a young fry cook from Pico Mundo, California, can see the dead. Beautifully drawn by Australian artist Queenie Chan, this graphic novel tells the story of Odd's race to solve the murder of a young boy whose killer appears to be stalking a second child. With the help of his beautiful girlfriend Stormy, his friend Police Chief Porter and the ghost of Elvis Presley, Odd must find the killer before he strikes again.



TOM CORWIN: MR FOOSTER - TRAVELLING ON A WHIM ~ Mr. Fooster seems like your average fellow, albeit one who travels with an old bottle of bubble soap. One Tuesday morning, however, he takes us into a rich and vivid world unlike any we've seen before—a world where questioning your assumptions can set you free. Heading out the door with no particular place to go, Mr. Fooster is led by his boundless curiosity to reflect on questions like why is it you never see baby pigeons, and who figured out how to eat artichokes? Mr. Fooster shows us that pondering the little things in life can be a reward unto itself.

The pairing of Tom Corwin's lyrical prose and Craig Frazier's enchanting illustrations create a world where believing is seeing. MR. FOOSTER TRAVELING ON A WHIM is the perfect gift book for anyone looking to escape the rigid confines of reality. Take a vacation you’ll never forget and explore a realm of wonders and possibilities with Mr. Fooster.


In this issue: interviews with ELIZABETH GEORGE and AMANDA GREENSLADE plus fe

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